My story…

Since I was a little girl, I wanted more than anything…to create a healthy marriage and wonderful family in a loving home, living the “happily ever after.”


What I discovered is things don’t always go as we planned. Our lives take a different direction, and we wake up one day wondering what happened.


Rhonda Cupp

I understand because I’ve been there.


Several unhealthy relationships, the loss of my full-term newborn son, Samuel, and living divorced with two amazing children was not the life I expected and dreamed of as a young teenager. Yet, this was my reality.


I know what it feels like to be filled with grief, low self-esteem, and entirely uncertain of the future. I know what it’s like to question if I really am enough and to wonder why I keep repeating the same patterns.


That’s when I found EPT Therapy. With God’s help and guidance, I experienced incredible healing through EPT (Emotional Polarity Technique) that gave me peace, confidence, and sheer determination to never quit. I learned I am enough and healthy patterns became my new reality.


I continued EPT Therapy in all facets of my life. My emotional and physical health, relationships, and business were all positively transformed through EPT Therapy. I was healing.


It was in those experiences, I realized I could fulfill my purpose of helping others navigate through their challenges to discover an entirely new level of success and happiness.


In 2007, I became a Certified Master Practitioner of EPT Therapy and launched Success Overflows. For 14 years, I have helped hundreds of people just like you, heal and transform their lives into the life of their dreams.


Our experiences make us who we are today. And how we heal through them provides the most rewarding lessons in life. With honest reflection we see what needs to change, what needs to be forgiven in ourselves and others, and find our path to genuine transformation.


Grace is a true gift. With God’s help, I chose to overcome the setbacks, never quit, and keep moving. I learned to embrace every life experience with no regrets. Each chapter has brought me to where I am today, equipping me with a strength and resilience that fills my heart with humility and gratitude.


I have learned to be grateful that the first face Samuel saw was the face of God.


My deepest desire is to help others avoid abusive situations, heal through their trauma, and ultimately reset their life path to achieve their dreams with unbridled courage.


I want to help you achieve your dreams and live your best life with the beautiful, healthy relationships you desire.


Browse through my web site to learn more or if you are ready, schedule a session. I welcome any questions, call or text me, 502.905.7065.


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Motivational Speaking

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, Rhonda’s compelling message engages her audience, creating laughter one minute and deep movement in the soul the next. Her energetic, animated storytelling will inspire and challenge you to give your very best and leave the status quo behind.


Rhonda Cupp

Rhonda tailors her presentations to the specific needs of your organization, motivating everyone to rise above their challenges and advance collectively to a new level of success.


From corporate events to women’s conferences, and community organizations to businesses of all sizes, Rhonda exceeds the expectations and consistently empowers greatness for each participant.


Rhonda is excited to serve you through authentic, inspirational engagement!


Contact her, 502.905.7065 or rhonda@successoverflows.com.

flowerSuccess Overflows Leadership Team…

is our dedicated team of women giving insight, inspiration, prayerful support, and belief into the Success Overflows Vision, Mission, and Strategies! They are amazing women living their personal and professional lives with devotion to the same principles that we share at Success Overflows, LLC.

I am blessed to be surrounded by this awesome Leadership Team who believe and share in the Success Overflows mission.

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