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We help you in every stage of your professional journey.

As professionals, we typically know what to do but find it challenging to implement new habits and strategies needed to experience amazing success. Let’s face it – change is difficult!


Whether you are a seasoned company owner, an employee, or a solo entrepreneur just starting out, these techniques will unlock any barriers hindering you from achieving a new level of success.


EPT Therapy puts you on the fast track to success.

Our self-imposed limiting beliefs from past failures, or the negative influence of naysayers impact how we see ourselves. EPT Therapy will reveal and heal the sabotages you’ve experienced in the past.


You will walk away with a new-found wisdom, unstoppable energy, and an unwavering confidence knowing you have amazing, unique gifts to offer the world.


We help you:

  • Define your purpose, vision and mission.
  • Fine-tune your WHY and then discover the WHAT and HOW.
  • Uncover the goals you know your business is called to achieve.
  • Create a strategic, powerful plan for your organization.
  • Experience a continual flow of prosperity, personally and professionally.


Emotional healing increases success, productivity, and profitability.

We will address issues such as:

  • Client/customer relationships
  • Financial matters
  • Conflict difficulties
  • Staff challenges
  • Products and services management


It fills my heart with joy to empower and support your determination to create the highest level of the ‘professional you’ and maximize the growth of your professional genius work!


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Making a decision to say “YES” to Business/Professional Success sessions will positively impact every part of your life.


My #1 goal is your overflowing success!


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Virtual sessions are available in group or individual settings.

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A note for the entrepreneur: Great job on starting your business! We understand entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it. We have specific programs designed just for you. So, buckle up, hang on and get ready for an AMAZING SUCCESS RIDE!


A word from a client:

“I was mentally blocked! I achieved ‘some successes’ in my business but was never able to achieve TOTAL SUCCESS. I couldn’t understand why I could not achieve what I knew was inside: ‘limitless success’. My wife and I met with Rhonda. I truly believe she was a Godsend! And the lid on my success was completely lifted off. I’ve learned more about myself in a few hours than a lifetime of self examining. I would recommend her to anyone.”
~ K.F.

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