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I specialize in helping like-minded people connect, heal, and grow through interactive group programs designed to help you live a life you love with the healthy relationships you desire. Supporting one another in a safe, authentic, environment creates remarkable opportunities for transformational growth.

Plus, every event and group session includes the life-changing emotional healing technique empowering your overflowing success!

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For Everyone

“The biggest adventure you can take is to Live the Life of Your Dreams”

~ Oprah Winfrey

A path to live your best life!

Your Dream Board Experience is a 2-step Interactive Virtual Event that will set you on a path to live a life you truly love! It’s proven that visualization magnetizes your dreams into reality!

In Step 1, gain clarity on exactly what you want in life ~ including your best health, best relationships, best adventures, and more! In Step 2, each participant will share their Dream Board and key discoveries they experienced.

Best of all, both Step 1 & 2 include transformational healing work, which removes the blocks and barriers holding you back from Living the Life of Your Dreams!



Your Dream Board Experience: $150
Invite a friend to join you: $125/each
Repeat Clients: $125


Thank you to everyone who joined 2024, it was an awesome experience! We will see you January 2025.


A transformative solution for living your best life as your best self!

Are you ready to achieve your ideal weight now and forever?

In this journey, you will receive an inspirational book to guide us along with interactive, dynamic group empowerment during this transformational discovery of achieving our ideal weight now and forever!  Amazing healing work, paving the way for lasting results at the cellular level, is included during each session.

Join us for this 6 session course experienced over a 12 week period and together, let’s live and enjoy life as our Best Self!


“This course is not about your relationship with food; it is about your relationship with love, and your relationship with yourself. Your true self is programmed perfectly by nature to think and behave in ways that are healthy and strong.” ~ Marianne Williamson



Thank you to everyone who joined, it was an awesome experience!


For Entrepreneurs

Grow Your Business To Six-Figures

In this exclusive program, we dive deep into your business, consulting with you every step of the way to ensure you are set up for an overflowing six-figure success business. My team and I guide you through the essential, transformational Six Steps to increase your bottom-line while fulfilling your purpose.


Six Steps to Six-Figure Success Program

Six Steps to Six-Figure Success

(exclusive invitation only)


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