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Healthy vs. Unhealthy.

Too many people are unaware of what mistreatment looks like in a relationship. As a result, they become vulnerable and ill-equipped to set healthy boundaries.


Unfortunately, there are times when we’ve been in a situation for so long, we don’t realize there is a tremendous difference between acceptable and unacceptable treatment, healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Even the obvious signs of abuse, narcissism, gas-lighting, and psychopathic behavior, to name a few, become confusing and difficult to identify.



Taking the first step.

It is critical to recognize the red flags of an unhealthy relationship, like verbal abuse, subtle aggressive and controlling behavior.


The first step in understanding what is happening allows you to learn where and how to draw the line. Next, you recover and heal, building a deeper self-confidence.



EPT Therapy takes you there.

With EPT therapy, you receive clarity on what is occurring in your relationship, healing you from unhealthy patterns and behaviors.  In our sessions, you will attain the knowledge and tools needed to achieve greater respect, fulfillment, and peace in a romantic relationship or any other close connection.


You will walk away equipped and empowered to fulfill your dreams of living a life you truly love. Our sessions are transformational, allowing you to feel better and at peace immediately. Some clients call it, “10 years of therapy in 10 minutes.”



Enhance your relationship.

EPT Therapy is also extremely effective for healthy relationships choosing to go from good to great! We teach, support, and guide you to a higher level of satisfaction which not only enhances your relationship, but impacts connections that surround you.



Let’s connect.

The SUCCESS OVERFLOWS mission is to make the world a better place by helping people, love, heal, and forgive MORE.


All sessions are virtual, so you can relax in your own surroundings.


I welcome any questions. Feel free to call or text me, 502.905.7065. Or email


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A word from a client:

“Over the course of our sessions, Rhonda was able to help me heal longtime childhood wounds, which led to destructive patterns in romantic relationships. Now I’m thrilled to have her guidance as part of the healthy, romantic relationship I have with the man of my dreams. She’s more than a therapist; she truly cares about every client.”

– B.W.

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