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My team and I specialize in helping like-minded people connect, heal, and grow through interactive group programs designed to help you live your best life both personally and professionally.


We have found supporting one another in a safe, authentic, environment creates remarkable opportunities for transformation and growth.

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Ready to heal from the past and find your forever love?

In these group programs, you will receive an inspirational book my team and I have specifically chosen as a guide for dynamic discussions in each session. The interactive group collaboration allows us to learn from each other, no matter your age. Transformational therapy and amazing healing work are included in each session.




Find Your Forever Love

Discover the traits most important to you in your forever love.

“The Man for Me”

Mondays 7-8:30pm

2021: Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 15, Nov 29

Price: $169

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How to keep your eyes wide open while getting to know him.

“Fall in Love/Avoid a Jerk”

Mondays 7-8:30pm

2022: March 7, March 21, April 4, April 18, May 2

Price: $189

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For Everyone

Ready to live the life of your dreams?

Your Vision Board Experience is a 2-step exercise that will set you on the path to manifesting your dreams. In Step 1, you gain clarity on exactly what you want in life and learn how visualization will shape your future. In Step 2, each participant will reveal their Vision Board and share key discoveries with the group. Transformational therapy and amazing healing work are included.


Vision Board

Manifest Your Dreams-A Vision Board Experience


Step 1: Saturday, Nov 6, 9-11:30am

Step 2: Tuesday, Nov 16, 7-8:30pm

Price: New: $125; Repeat: $100

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Step 1: Saturday, Jan 8, 9-11:30am

Step 2: Tuesday, Jan 18, 7-8:30pm

Price: New:$125; Repeat: $100

Vision Board Details

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For Business & Life Success

Find Balance

You will receive an inspirational book my team and I have specifically chosen to study how to go about life at a “Sacred Pace”. We will explore four steps to hearing God and discover how to better align yourself with His will.


As an entrepreneur or professional seeking to honor God in your business, this group session is a must.


sacred pace

Learn to create balance and make healthier decisions

“Sacred Pace”

Mondays 7-8:30pm

2022: Jan 17, Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 21


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For Entrepreneurs

Practical Tools For Your Growing Business

In this exclusive program, we will dive deep into your business, consulting with you every step of the way to ensure you are set up for overflowing success. My team and I will provide you practical tools and guidance to increase your bottom-line while fulfilling your purpose.



Six Steps to Six-Figure SuccessSix Steps to Six-Figure Success

(exclusive invitation only)


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Join my team and I as we guide you through transformational experiences that will lead you to live a life you love with the healthy relationships you desire.


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