Success Stories

family“Emotional healing therapy allowed me to regain the safety of my night time sleep and I was able to forgive and let go of the issue that was causing my nightmares.”

~Ashley, 17 yrs.

“Thanks to my emotional healing session, the guilt I wrongly carried for years is now a thing of the past. This has changed my life.”

~Bill, 62 yrs.

“With just one session, I couldn’t believe how much relief I experienced as I worked through the challenges of my rebellious teenager.”

~Rene, 46 yrs.

group of kids“I have experienced chronic neck & shoulder pain, sometimes unbearable. There was a difference the next day and progressively improved over the next couple of days. I was amazed. I am overwhelmed and appreciative. It has been a long journey for me, and I am convinced the Lord used emotional healing therapy session to help heal the deep emotional wounds that I carried so long that was contributing to the physical pain.”

~Joan, 50 yrs.

“Emotional healing therapy helped me realize the confidence to set and maintain boundaries, to walk in peace & love, and to forgive not just my husband, but myself as well.”

~Amy, 35 yrs.

couple“It reveals troubling things in my life and helps me understand how to handle troubling things in my life better.”

~Tyler, 12 yrs.

“We began therapy and the results have been remarkable. My son’s rages have subsided and he is now able to keep them in check on his own. His sleeping patterns are more regular, and he is successful in a traditional classroom for the first time, getting A’s & B’s and positive reports for behavior. The other siblings are now in therapy as well, and peace and balance are being restored in our home. Truly emotional healing therapy has proven to begin a near miraculous healing for our entire household.”

~Mother of Tyler and Zach

family at a beach“Emotional healing therapy helped me overcome my fear of failure.”

~Paul, 49 yrs.

“After going to Love Overflows Healing Center, I feel old burdens have lifted and my outlook is positive. To move past old hurts and finally start to heal feels like a gift from heaven.”

~Karen, 43 yrs.

(Names changed to protect confidentiality & photos are not of clients)



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