Emotional Healing reveals and heals the root issue

What is EPT Therapy?

EPT Therapy (Emotional Polarity Technique) is an innovative and therapeutic technique that quickly uncovers and heals the root issues keeping you from living your life to the fullest.


Your physical body retains memories.

Your physical body is influenced by your mental thoughts, words, emotions, and experiences, which are kept as information at the cellular level. “As a man thinks, so is he.” To deal with the stressful issues in our daily lives, our bodies tend to store these emotions in our organs and muscles, leading to unhealthy responses that break down the mind, body, and spirit.


How does it work?

EPT Therapy heals the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues by removing the old negative pathways created when the issue was first experienced, therefore altering your body at the cellular level.


This healing allows you to feel better emotionally and physically right away. In fact, some clients call it “10 years of therapy in 10 minutes.”


In our sessions, we will quickly uncover the root issue, change your body’s reaction to it, and empower you to live a life you love now.


Are you “present” but not really there?

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming that we find ways to tune out and not deal with our issues. Communication is a struggle. At times, you find yourself numbing this feeling with other trivial activities. You are left with this nagging feeling of being alone even when you’re with others.


When you are in this state of mind, you become disconnected from the present, leaving your loved ones concerned and likely frustrated.


EPT Therapy can help you become present again with richer, healthier, and fulfilling relationships.


Forgiveness is the foundation of EPT Therapy.

Through forgiveness, we begin to release damaging emotions, so our body heals physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our full potential is unlocked, which puts us back on the road to creating more than we can imagine in our life and relationships.


Healing the heart and soul creates the freedom to live your best life.

By releasing old grudges, resentments, anger, past hurts, traumas, addictions, anxiety, depression, etc. healthy patterns replace unhealthy behavior, empowering you to live a life you love in the present.  The result is healing at the deepest level allowing forgiveness to flow easily, which ultimately sets you free.


Forgiveness supports us in letting go of those things that no longer serve us both past and present. This release frees up massive positive energy that we can use to move forward right now.


“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”
~ Lewis B. Smedes


“The act of forgiveness can result in less anxiety and depression, better health outcomes, increased coping with stress and increased closeness to God and others.”

~ Christiana Puchalski, MD, Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine


My Mission

My mission is to make the world a better place by helping people, love, heal, and forgive more.


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